ACI Dealing Certificate Syllabus

Day 1 Interest Rates and Money Markets

  • Interest rate conventions
  • Time value of money
  • Yield curves
  • Interest rate benchmarks (e.g. LIBOR, EURIBOR, etc)
  • Compounding and discounting
  • Day-count conventions
  • Money market instruments
  • Principles of “repo”

Day 2 Foreign Exchange

  • Quote conventions
  • Spot and forward characteristics
  • Bid/Offer spreads and calculations
  • Swaps and outright forwards
  • Compounding and discounting
  • Covered interest arbitrage

ACI Dealing Certificate Syllabus

Day 3 Derivatives

  • Interest rate derivatives (e.g. futures)
  • Over-the-counter and exchange-quoted instruments
  • Forward Rate Agreements (“FRAs”)
  • Use of derivatives to hedge interest rate risk
  • Pricing conventions and calculations
  • Currency options
  • Option terminology and its applications
  • Constructing hedging strategies

Day 4 Asset and Liability Management (“ALM”), Risk Management and Model Code

  • Impact of risk exposure
  • Significance of mismatches on balance sheet
  • Importance of ALM, and its principles
  • Definitions and examples of various types of risk (e.g. credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, etc)
  • Importance of Model Code, and implications for best practices, code of conduct, etc

ACI Dealing Certificate Syllabus

Day 5 Mock Examination, marking and revision

  • Mock exam (2 hours)
  • Marking, review, identification of problem topics, further revision

The following bonus courses are included in

the program and provided by

In the section of the 10 online courses

  1. Financial Accounting: Understanding the Accounting Cycle
  2. Financial Accounting: The Basic Financial Statements
  3. Cash Flow Analysis: Introduction and Accounting Review
  4. Cash Flow Analysis: Interpreting the Cash Flow Statement
  5. Cash Flow Analysis: Constructing the Cash Flow Statement
  6. Business Banking Solutions
  7. Writing Skills for Bankers
  8. Building a Foundation for Successful Sales
  9. Problem Solving: The 5 Steps
  10. Business Writing: Reports and Proposals

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Amro Zakaria is a trader with over 14 years of experience in global markets and brokerage operations. Mr. Zakaria worked as a regional director for 9 years at two of the largest global brokerage firms, one of which is publically traded on the NYSE. Mr. Zakaria is a frequent guest speaker in capital markets related conferences and financial media like CNBC.

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