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Mr Amro is a supper star when it comes to the capital market, derivative, commodities and general spot market. He's also a very good trainer and great speaker. MTA team's visit to Ghana 2013 caused a spike in the market and has created an avenue for a lot of people to get connected to the market. Great job Amro.  


I had a great experience with this program and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of information exposed to within few days. The course is self motivated and needs one to be very organized and discipline to be successful in it. I have never taking a Customer Service Course online before but this platform has really taught me so many interesting things about real life situations and how to always make your customers smile. I learnt also to be accurate in decision making when it comes to evaluation because I was used to been given a free hand to explain what has been learnt rather than the multichoice questions. I like the fact that the course is time bound which will make people more serious and determined. In all I love the course and might take up another one in the future. - Ramon Hafsat, Student MTA Nigeria  

Ramon Ajoke Hafsat

Overall experience has been very positive. I had no expectations but was pleasantly surprised at the depth of training and usefulness of the information provided. I have been challenged to be more effective at my work place. I liked that topics covered were relevant. All tools are very useful.- Bojana (Executive PA- Parsons Corporation UAE)  

Bojana Vajic

Very pleased with how the Human Resources Professional course went and how much I learnt within the 30 days, thanks Market Trader Academy!

Amar S

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