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Fundamentals of Blockchain Applications & Design

Fundamentals of Blockchain Applications & Design (BCC400)

Fees: $3,750.00


Course Goals & Objectives

The objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the following concepts:

-    The Basic concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
-    Economic developments influencing the creation of cryptocurrencies.
-    fundamental factors that affect the prices.
-    Decentralized ledgers and why they are revolutionary.
-    Crypto mining and how it works
-    Technical analysis of price charts
-    Tokenization and why it matters
-    Risk management 
-    Regulatory landscape of cryptocurrencies

Content Includes

-    Introduction: Genesis of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
-    Money, value, and cryptocurrencies
-    The current centralized economic system and decentralization
-    Basics of blockchain technology
-    Cryptocurrencies: Types and functions
-    Mining methods and requirements
-    Storage tools of cryptocurrencies
-    Blockchain use cases in different industries
-    Tokenization of value
-    Initial coin offerings 
-    Regulations of cryptocurrencies
-    Future development in blockchain and cryptocurrencies