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Blockchain for Utility Sector

Blockchain for Utility Sector (BCC401)

Fees: $2,950.00


About the Course
Blockchain technology is revolutionizing just about every sector of the global economy. The technology, which had gotten its genesis a few months after the global financial crisis, quickly found fertile grounds in industries beyond the financial service industry and nowhere the extent of the disruption is as evident as in the electricity sector of the utility industry.

Course Objective

The objective of the course is to provide attendees with a comprehensive and in-depth overview of blockchain technology and its diverse applications in the utility industry,  but with an emphasis on the electricity industry. 


2-day in-depth  course 

Why Attend
Learn how blockchain technology is changing the electricity industry and transforming the traditional grid to one that is more transactional and participatory. Learn about where that change is taking place around the world and who is leading it.

Who Should Attend

- C-Level executives
- Middle management
- Consultant & advisors
- Board members
- Government officials
-  Engineers 


- The genesis of blockchain: cryptocurrencies
- Components of blockchain
- Difference between blockchain and cryptos
- Blockchain spectrum of uses

- Cryptography of blockchain
- Structure of Blockchain
- Fundamentals of Decentralized systems

- Public vs. private
- Blockchain vs. cloud
- IBM HyperLedger
- Microsoft Azure
- Amazon AWS
- Ethereum 

- Transactional energy systems
- Smart Grids
- Microgrids
- Participatory grid ecosystems
- Electric mobility
- Internet of things (IoT)

- US energy dominance
- Solar power
- Wind power
- Waste to energy
- Global energy innovations

Day 2
- Blockchain & IOT
- Smart grids components
- Global use cases 
- Service providers & vendors

- How to build a blockchain system
- Cryptographic Hashing
- Proof of work
- Coding and code examples

- The economic impact on the industry
- The economic impact on countries
- Smart contracts

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with an industry leader in the field of the blockchain.

General discussion, Q&A, and brainstorming among the attendees and the trainers. The purpose of this session is to crystalize ideas, go over questions, as well as help attendees draw their roadmap for their blockchain project.

About the Trainers


Amro Zakaria

- Member of ACI - The Financial Markets Association, USA Chapter
- Member of the Chartered Market Technicians Association, USA
- Certified Global Markets Trainer (CGMT) USA
- Board of Advisors member - American University of Emirates
- Main speaker at the 41st annual ICA Conference
- A frequent guest on all major media outlets (SkyNews, CNBC, Euronews)
- Regional director for 2 publicly traded US financial firms
- Contributing writer to Newsweek ME magazine

Ashraf Ahmed
- Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Mathematics. Texas A&M University
- Expert in the blockchain, cryptography, Fog Computing, and IOT
- Expert in machine learning and big data
- Expert in cryptographic hashing and mathematics
- Prior working experience includes tenure with Bayer Business (PA, USA) and  Mathura Inc (TX, USA)

Abdelazim Alamaway
- Chief Strategist and Head of Market Research
- Global markets  expertise with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies
- Founder of MarketsNews research and e-commerce portal
- A frequent guest on all major news media outlets (SkyNews, CNBC, Dubai TV)
- Certified Global Markets Trainer (CGMT), USA
- Founder of TETCHAIN: Blockchain system for the supply-chain industry

About Market Trader Academy

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MTA is headquartered in New York and has a regional office in the UAE. 


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