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Introduction to Global Financial Markets

Introduction to Global Financial Markets (gfm001)

Fees: $3,900.00


More than any other time in history, global financial markets increasingly are playing a major role in our lives, even in the lives of those who are not actively trading and investing in them. This 3-day course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of how global financial markets work, how they impact our lives, businesses, and even countries, and most importantly how executives and leaders can mitigate the risks and capitalize on the opportunities.

Some of the topics covered in the "Global Financial Markets" course include:

  • Overview of the post-Covid-19 global economy
  • Major stakeholders and players that make up the global financial markets
  • Overview of the global financial centers and their characteristics
  • Overview and characteristics of the major asset classes
  • Fundamental analysis of the different asset classes
  • Introduction to technical analysis and chart reading
  • Introduction to options and risk management
  • The course project will include constructing an individual portfolio