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Introduction to Technical Analysis

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Introduction to Technical Analysis (GFM002)

Fees: $1,950.00


A comprehensive understanding of technical analysis, which is the skill to read charts and identify market trends, is essential for anyone who is actively or passively participates in global markets. Technical analysis helps traders and investors identify the gap between intrinsic value and market price by employing techniques like statistical analysis, behavioral economics, and price-action. technical analysis helps to analyze past market events and price movements and identifies possible future directions on multiple time frames that can range from hours to years. Technical analysis skills and strategies can be applied to all financial markets such as stocks, commodity, bonds, and currency markets.

The "Introduction to Technical Analysis" is a 3-day course that covers the following topics:

  • Overview of technical analysis
  • Chart types
  • Candlesticks and chart patterns
  • Identification of support and resistance levels
  • type of indicators and oscillators 
  • Risk management strategies using technical analysis
  • identification of high probability trades
  • creating a systematic trading strategy using technical analysis
  • live simulated trading using demo accounts
  • MTA's Introduction to Technical Analysis" Booklet is included